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Maple Hill Farms

We asked our customers:

Why do you eat Maple Hill chicken?

  • It’s the most tender chicken I’ve ever eaten
  • Your chicken tastes the best!
  • Because it’s free of antibiotics & free run.  Our whole family loves it.
  • I care about how my food is raised and try to support local food producers.
  • The farm is clean & the staff are respectful of the environment & the animals.

What do you like most about Maple Hill products?

  • It is a natural product.
  • Delicious & nutritious.
  • Fresh taste
  • Prices are good

How is our Customer Service?

  • Your staff is so friendly & courteous. I appreciate that very much.
  • The service is excellent!
  • Great service from friendly, honest people.
  • Prompt, cheerful & respectful