Maple Hill Farms

Maple Hill Farms is a family owned & operated business located in the small farming community of Mt. Lehman, in the central Fraser Valley.  We have been involved in poultry farming for over 40 years.

Specialty Chicken

At Maple Hill Farms we have put our best efforts into creating a top quality product for our customers . . . starting with ensuring a humane, healthy lifestyle for the chickens and following through with utmost care and cleanliness during every step of processing.

Maple Hill chickens are kept in flocks where there is plenty of room to grow and are housed in barns where natural light is allowed to shine in.  Hay bales are placed in the barns to provide further enhancement to the lives of the chickens.  The vegetarian feed that our chickens eat contains no animal by-products, no medications or antibiotics.

Maple Hill chicken is air-chilled slowly and thoroughly at low temperatures in a clean, dry environment.  Our boneless products are deboned by hand.  The chicken is then packaged in bulk or placed in vacuum sealed packaging.

Maple Hill Farms is committed to upholding the healthy environment we’ve created for our chicken, and providing our customers with the excellent quality they’ve come to expect in the finished product.

  • Grain Fed
  • No animal by-products
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Air chilled
  • Certified to the 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards
  • Strict Certification Program


Free Range & Certified Organic Free Range Eggs

Maple Hill Farms free-range and certified organic free-range eggs are produced by hens which are fed a ration which is grain/vegetable based, non-medicated and contains no antibiotics or animal by-products. They are allowed to roam freely outside during daylight hours much of their adult life and are completely cage-free.

Once the eggs are collected, they are graded in a small family-operated, government inspected facility.  From here they are delivered directly to the retail customer.